WebCrossing Server – Important Upgrade for Sites Making Secure Outbound https Requests

Posted by on Apr 6, 2017 | No Comments

The WebCrossing server can communicate with external servers using a variety of protocols, including XML-RPC and HTTP/HTTPS POST and GET requests.

With GET requests, most external servers will respond with content-length headers. But a few servers, such as FileMaker, respond with “chunks and trailer” headers.

WebCrossing works fine when making ordinary http requests to such servers, as FIleMaker. But when making secure requests using https, we noticed such servers were not returning the chunk and trailer header, so sometime trailing characters were getting lost.

This upgrade modifies the way WebCrossing makes outbound https requests to ensure that servers such as FileMaker send us the proper headers, so incoming XML and other API requests are guaranteed to be completely received.

WebCrossing actually works great in conjunction with FileMaker. If you are a FileMaker developer and need a complete, agile, dynamic web site with social network and forum features, but still want to use FileMaker for relational database reporting, adding a WebCrossing server to your environment might be just what you are looking for!

The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-1328 2017-03-27.

We will be upgrading all hosted customers, and coordinate upgrade timing as needed.

All self-hosted customers with valid support and maintenance contracts can download this new version at no cost.

If you are running a self-hosted site we strongly recommend upgrading your WebCrossing server to this new build. If you are a self-hosted customer and have a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact support for access to the new server. A detailed FAQ on this new setting is available here. If your support and maintenance contract has expired, please contact us to renew so we can provide you with this important update.