CEO Profile

Doug Lerner  earned his M.S. in physics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and did further post-graduate work at the University of California Davis and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. He has over 20 years of experience in higher education, large program management, student advisement, course development, technical training, project management, and also software development for online education, social networks, online communities and scientific simulation.

For 14 years at Nippon Electronics College, Doug lectured in Mathematics and Scientific Simulation in the Department of Computer Graphics, where he also served as the Director of the Virtual Reality Seminar program.

Doug’s Japanese is proficient to the extent that he is able to lecture entirely in Japanese and conduct oral and written daily business in Japanese.

Although a U.S. citizen, since 1983 he has resided in Tokyo, where he holds permanent residency. During his first 7 years in Japan, he worked for Fujitsu, the largest computer company in Japan. There he was Technical Director in charge of a development staff of over 50 people for Fujitsu’s 1990 Osaka World’s Fair Omnimax/IMAX production “Echoes of the Sun”.

After Fujitsu, Doug founded Elliptics, Ltd., which provides software development, education services and web application development services. Elliptics in Japan was formed to facilitate working with clients in Japan.

Since 2000, through Elliptics, Doug’s work has centered on two main activities: (1) Education and Training and (2) Web Application Development, especially with Webcrossing.

As Director of Eduction for Web Crossing, Inc., he was in charge of developer and customer training and professional seminars. This involved developing, arranging and conducting multi-day seminars in key locations around the world, as well as on-site training sessions at customer locations in London, Brighton, Shanghai, Toronto, New Zealand, Seattle, Boston, Princeton, San Francisco, San Jose and Saint Louis. Customers included Adobe, Intuit, Apple, Cisco, Edmunds, Harlequin, Guardian Newspapers, Waikato University, IDS at the University of Sussex and many others.

Doug was also the chief developer of  the “Webcrossing Neighbors” social networking system and the “Campus Crossing” online education system, as well as many other online web applications. He served as Director of Technology and Asia-Pacific operations for Bayspire, Inc. until Elliptics took over the Webcrossing product line in 2013.