Open Source

The Webkosa open source initiative for the powerful Webcrossing server has been released, starting with a public edition of Webcrossing Core. The project is at

Everybody is excited about expanding the user and developer base for Webcrossing and its integrated object-oriented NoSQL database. The reason for open source is to permit wider adoption and improvements from a larger group of developers and users, which would be beneficial to all users of the Webcrossing branded products:

  • Webcrossing Core
  • Webcrossing Community
  • Webcrossing Neighbors

Bayspire and Elliptics are co-sponsors of the open source projects. The first project is for Webcrossing Core . The goal is for additional software to be included over time.

So going forward there will be two addition of Webcrossing:

  • Enterprise Editions – fee based, proprietary licensed, stable,  fully supported and which passes our rigorous QA testing.. The Enterprise Edition is for users who want supported and stable versions of Webcrossing branded products. For example, hosted and self-hosted customers who currently pay a fee for hosting, licensing, support and other services.
  • Public Editions – free, open source. The Public Edition is for users who are able to provide their own installation, testing and support associated with  open software which contains new and often unproven software.

Please see our blog entry for more details on the release.