WebCrossing Core



  • Built-in Multi-domain web server
  • Built-in SMTP server for post by email and notifications
  • Built-in scriptable NoSQL object-oriented database
  • POP3, IMAP, and web-based email for users
  • Serve or mirror mailing lists
  • Built-in XML-RPC server and client
  • Built-in FTP server with user accounts separate from operation-system-level accounts for extra security
  • Optional SSL for secure communications

WebCrossing includes a built-in objected-oriented NoSQL database. If you’re doing something that requires complex data structures then a NoSQL object-oriented database is what you are looking for.

An extensive Server-side JavaScript API permits the developer to modify built-in features, extend functionality as needed or even start from scratch and build-out your own complete, original solution, taking advantage of all the included services and functionality. Our Professional Services Team provides a spectrum of services from simple cosmetic changes to implementation of major new features.


WebCrossing Core is a high-performance collaboration system, permitting an unlimited number of simultaneous users restricted only by platform capabilities and bandwidth. The high-performance server application is implemented in the C programming language, eliminating the overhead of interpreted languages such as PHP. Additional performance is achieved by extensive use of sophisticated data caching techniques to eliminate slow disk accesses whenever possible. A single WebCrossing Core instance is capable of serving hundreds of thousands of page views per day on high-performance hardware.

For heavy load requirements, WebCrossing’s sophisticated clustering protocol makes it simple to group redundant servers for a highly scaleable and robust environment. Scalability features include distributed and mirrored server features. Unlike some mirrored systems, which may require several minutes to distribute new postings throughout the entire mirrored network, a WebCrossing Core cluster achieves complete network distribution in milliseconds.

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