Elliptics Professional Services

We can build your dynamic site for you.

Elliptics uses the technology suitable for your needs. Sometimes WordPress is perfect. Sometimes a LAMP (Linus/Apache/MySQL/PHP) solution works best. WordPress has many features built-in, and it is highly extensible with plugins.  Elliptics can create a site for you using WordPress and plug-ins and customize it as you like.

If you’re doing something which requires complex data structures then Webcrossing’s integrated NoSQL object-oriented database is what you are looking for. All the basic parts are there, out-of-the-box: users, authentication, granular access privileges, folders for any kind of organization, discussions, an integrated mail server for post-by-mail, and much more.

Elliptics can provide you with professional development services for your Webcrossing server, or alternative technologies which suit your needs.

  • Custom web apps
  • Dynamic sites with forums and social networks
  • Forums linked to mailing lists
  • Customized object-oriented databases
  • Sharing data and content
  • Whatever you need

Contact  Us for professional services. We’ll get back to you right away with answers and suggestions!