WebCrossing Server Security Upgrade

Posted by on Jul 10, 2019 | No Comments

We think it is vital these days to keep up with the latest security releases and incorporate them in the core WebCrossing server. This new version updates secure connections with an update to the latest OpenSSL libraries for the latest TLS specs.

To be technical about it, the relevant changes in the latest version (1) Enable SHA3 pre-hashing for ECDSA and DSA and (2) Prevent over long nonces in ChaCha20-Poly1305. The new version passes all security checks with an A rating.

If you are using secure connections (https vs http) for your site, we highly recommend upgrading to the latest version. If you are not using secure connections, we recommend you do. These days browsers are getting more and more fussy about connecting to servers which are not secure.

The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-1351 2019-07-01.

All self-hosted customers with valid support and maintenance contracts can download this new version at no cost.

If you are a self-hosted customer and have a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact support for access to the new server. If your support and maintenance contract has expired, please contact us to renew so we can provide you with this important update.