WebCrossing Server Upgrade – Export / Delete / Move Enhancements for Large Sites

This updated version of the WebCrossing server updates the Export / Delete / Move panel to optimize use for large sites. If you are running a very large site you will definitely want this maintenance release.

Previously, use of the Export / Move / Delete panel was difficult for very large sites (e.g. sites with hundreds of thousands or millions of folders) because the panel took so long to open. This is now optimized so smaller sites continue to see the almost the same panel as before, while larger sites see a new panel optimized for large site use, so it opens immediately. When moving items, just enter the target location, submit and it’s done.

Another enhancement is that when moving items with this panel a link to the target location is shown, so you can easily verify your changes.

This same panel also does exports, deletes and purges. For very large sites it was time-consuming to use this panel for those features because it took such a long time for the panel to open.

To use the updated feature, click on the Export or Export / Move link in your toolbar when in a folder, click “Export, move, or delete selected items” and the panel opens immediately and off you go!

The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-1321 2016-07-14.

We will be upgrading all hosted customers, and coordinate upgrade timing as needed.

All self-hosted customers with valid support and maintenance contracts can download this new version at no cost.

If you are running a self-hosted site we strongly recommend upgrading your WebCrossing server to this new build. If you are a self-hosted customer and have a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact support for access to the new server. If your support and maintenance contract has expired, please contact us to renew so we can provide you with this important update.