WebCrossing Update June, 2024 – Server-Side HTTPS Requests Upgrade

WebCrossing not only handles incoming requests, it can also make outgoing HTTPS requests. This can be used for APIs connecting to other servers to send and fetch data, which can be stored in the object-oriented database, and also served to users.

We have released a new version of WebCrossing which updates how encrypted HTTPS requests are handled, fixing a bug that could occur on very active sites due to multiple threads delaying decryption of data.

We recommend always using the latest build if you do lots of customization or have very large numbers of members. And the same goes for customers using WebCrossing’s cluster features which allow you to grow your site to handle basically unlimited traffic as needed.

The WebCrossing core server is a high-performance collaboration system, permitting an unlimited number of simultaneous users restricted only by platform capabilities and bandwidth. The high-performance server application is implemented in the C programming language, eliminating the overhead of interpreted languages such as PHP. Additional performance is achieved by extensive use of sophisticated data caching techniques to eliminate slow disk accesses whenever possible. 

And WebCrossing is nothing if not customizable! You can modify just about anything. And add new features as your needs grow. Our object-oriented server-side scripting is amazing for that. And you start with built-in objects for community, such as users, discussions, email notifications, user groups, and more.For our hosted customers, we will do the server updates for your site.

If you are a self-hosted customer and have a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact support for access to the latest WebCrossing build. If your support and maintenance contract has expired, please contact us to renew so we can provide you with this update.

The latest build is now 6.4-18d5702   2024-06-19.