Webcrossing Neighbors – Your Private-labeled Complete Social Network

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Webcrossing Neighbors is a complete private-labeled social network with personal home pages, groups and friends relationships (first, 2nd and 3rd degree friend support is included).

We’d like to showcase some of the features of Neighbors in upcoming blog posts. Neighbors is a perfect, affordable social network solution for your school, company, religious community, non-profit organization, educational group, neighborhood association, hobby group and other niche groups. We will help you set it up, support you and make it affordable.

And remember, as with all Webcrossing sites, members can participate via the web, or post by email.

In Neighbors, members can have their own personal blogs, photo albums and file store areas – you decide. Groups have additional loads of tools to choose from. Even live chats!

Profiles and groups are linked so people can easily find groups of interest to them, and make new friends with shared interests.

Neighbors Group Nav Menu

Neighbors Group Nav Menu

Here we see a typical Neighbors Group nav menu.

Each group has a picture. There is a link to the group home. The Activity Stream shows current activity in the group.

Groups can have Blogs, Discussion areas, a group Calendar, a Files area for sharing resources and a group Wiki. And you can also generate RSS feeds from group.

Each group decides which tools they need.

Also, each group can set any of these tools as their default landing page. Some groups might want to concentrate on their news, so maybe they want their blog to be the first thing people see. Other groups may want to concentrate on discussions, so have people come there first.

Groups can also design their own custom landing pages, and modify their CSS. Even add group chat rooms for live chat!

You can have open groups, where anybody can post; public groups where anybody can join and post; approved membership groups where people can request to join and completely hidden groups, which don’t appear in listings, and to which you must be invited.


We’ll be showing you more snapshots and features in upcoming newsletters, so keep posted. Or ask us for a demo!