WebCrossing July, 2021 Update – Additional Delete Confirmations

When you delete a user or a node (folder, discussion, message, link, etc.) WebCrossing automatically exports the deleted object to the “deleted” file in the system directory. You can recover deleted items from that file by importing the item via the control panel.

When deleting a node, there is also a “purge” option to bypass exporting to the deleted file. Traditionally, neither user delete nor purge has had a confirmation before proceeding. With this new build, for extra safety, there are now confirmation forms to prevent accidental deletion of a user or a purge of forum data. 

We recommend this upgrade for all sites.
The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-0493faa 2021-07-04.

All self-hosted customers with valid support and maintenance contracts can download this new version at no cost.

If you are a self-hosted customer and have a valid support and maintenance contract, please contact support for access to the new server. If your support and maintenance contract has expired, please contact us to renew so we can provide you with this important update.