Webkosa open source project released

The Webkosa open source project, the open source version of Webcrossing, is now released at Sourceforge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/webkosa/. You can read the project description there, and more about the open source project in general at https://elliptics.com/iriguchi/open-source/.

We want to thank everybody for their support in helping us get to this point.

I hope you all join the project at Sourceforge and also help to spread the word.

Elliptics and our partners provide resources for Webkosa development and we are anxious to see it succeed, and we would love to see growth in the numbers of  site owners and developers using this amazing product. The potentials are limitless!

Please note that Elliptics does not directly provide support for users of Webkosa. Also, the core Webkosa server source base differs from the Enterprise source base we host and support. If you require any kind of support or bug handling then using Elliptics hosted Webcrossing services or maintaining a support and maintenance contract for your Webcrossing server is the way to go.

Webkosa support is  via the Webkosa community itself. Elliptics will  take stable milestones from Webkosa and feed them back into the Enterprise version and perform rigorous quality checks as we release new, fully-supported Webcrossing versions going forward, for our customers.

Please read more about how to get started with Webkosa at: