Updated WebCrossing Clusters (Mirroring) and the POST Cache

For heavy load requirements, WebCrossing’s sophisticated clustering protocol allow you to group redundant servers for a highly scaleable and robust environment. Scalability features include distributed and mirrored server features. Unlike some mirrored systems, which may require several minutes to distribute new postings throughout the entire mirrored network, a WebCrossing Core cluster achieves complete network distribution in milliseconds.

This upgrade is concentrated on such server configurations and updates the server synching/mirroring system for a possible master/slave synch issue, where an existing host-file has been locally synched but is now being created by a roll-forward playback from the master

In addition, to handle larger loads at a single server, the “POST Cache,” which retains information users enter in forms for processing has been greatly increased to account for busy times when there might be a sudden influx of users on one server.

The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-1358 2020-05-14.