WebCrossing – Another Update for Clustered (Mirrored) Servers

As mentioned in our previous newsletters, for heavy load requirements, WebCrossing’s sophisticated clustering protocol allow you to group redundant servers for a highly scaleable and robust environment. Scalability features include distributed and mirrored server features. Unlike some mirrored systems, which may require several minutes to distribute new postings throughout the entire mirrored network, a WebCrossing Core cluster achieves complete network distribution in milliseconds.

This upgrade fixes a bug we discovered which can cause search index errors (you would see StIndex error messages in the log file of a mirrored server), usually requiring WebCrossing to write a log and automatically restart. This build fixes that problem, avoiding interruptions to mirrored nodes in your cluster, and making your entire cluster stable. 

In addition, there was a very rare bug we found which would leave the message “StoredDetach–StoredLockCount” in a mirrored server’s log and cause a restart of that server. We added a fix for that as well.

The latest release version is now WebCrossing 6.4-59e9a23b 2020-05-22.